Short film/music video collaboration bringing a ton of talented Chicago burlesque, performance art and theater folks together. Based on an original performance art piece by The Lady Jack (aka: Lindsey Marks), concepted into filmed life by herself, myself and Stephanie Schultz with the skills and dedication of some immensely gifted artists.

ANDY RAMSEY | Producer, Director & EditorJASON KRAYNEK | Director of Photography
LINDSEY MARKS | Concept, Choreography & Wardrobe, Producer
STEPHANIE SCHULTZ | Production Designer, Music & Wardrobe
JAMIE WAGNER | Music Production & Arrangement

CAST | Lindsey Marks, Eva La Feva, Joseph Cr Vourteque, Stephanie Schultz, Jamie Wagner, Josephine Shaker, Laura Schofield, Samantha Siren, Deirdre Doll, Ms. B LaRose (Brenda CaBee), Ray Ray Sunshine (Lisa Marie Ray), Stephanie Smith

LOCATIONS | Chopin Theatre, Silent Theatre HQ