CONNOR WEITZ | Creative Director, Color, Motion Graphics
KATEY MEYER | Senior Creative Producer
ELLEN EVANGELIDES | Account Director
LEILA SHERBINI | Project Manager

Smith Optics is known for their performance sunglasses but was looking for a way to increase awareness of their prescription lens products (including their RX performance sunglasses). The good folks at someoddpilot enlisted the Smith brand ambassadors to show the range of their offerings by showing how Smith helps them in both their professional and creative lives. I was excited to see the footage of the visual transitions between these worlds because I knew they would guide the pacing of the piece. Originally planned to be a slower, more pensive piece, a great 11th hour music track and a ton of great footage with a lot of movement demanded a more energetic vibe.

The individual vignettes were fun to cut because each person had something unique to say about the confluence of their work and personal lives. Some saw them as connected, some as completely opposite and I enjoyed crafting their visuals to illustrate their thoughts on the subject.