KLAVIYO | Client

JEREMY FREEDBERG | Creative Director
MYRA RIVERA | Motion Designer
KATEY MEYER | Senior Creative Producer
ELLEN EVANGELIDES | Account Director
LEILA SHERBINI | Project Manager

Klaviyo is a scalable direct to consumer marketing company (think email and SMS on a scale you can hardly imagine) that has a huge range of clients from small business to enterprise level. For these two distinct campaigns, they wanted to target the consideration market (those small businesses considering scaling up their marketing) and the mid-market (businesses scaling up from big to bigger) companies that may already be using a competing service but are finding it lacking. The difference in technique in these two campaigns was of interest to me. Primarily, the consideration campaign makes use of motion graphics and VO to walk the potential client through the process whereas the larger scale prospects get to-the-point nuts and bolts direct address from current clients who made the jump. These both have the vibe of upscale corporates and live on the Klaviyo site for interested parties to learn more but, in each case, individual case studies for social were created to catch the eye of potential customers in the real world.