ANDY RAMSEY | Director & Editor
JASON KRAYNEK | Director of Photography
ROBERT FELKER | Assistant Camera/Gaffer

Music video for Chicago synth-punk/acid-rock duo Protovulcan. Shot in one day with a crew of three at the amazing Chicago Electric Piano Company. We tried to stay true to the band’s sound within the limitations of the production- we had two rooms to work with so I thought it would be an interesting idea to contrast the sharp-edged brutality of the drumming (in stark black & white) with the trippier ’70s experimental Moog/Rhodes keys (in psychedelic colors). Keyboardist and singer Will McLean brought a box of random objects from his house (including the magnifying glass that DP Jason Kraynek used as a diopter) and we rounded out the production design with ephemera from around the keyboard shop. Really enjoyed creating this video from concept to production to post from whole cloth with what we had around.