JASON ESSER | Creative Director
MEGAN ST. JOHN | Producer

When Canada Goose was planning the launch of their new flagship retail store in Toronto, they reached out to Digital Kitchen to design and execute a massive interactive installation to immerse customers in the elements. DK created the entire space with interactivity in mind. The centerpiece of the experience is the Cold Room: a custom environment with the temperature set to -12°C so that visitors could feel the real-world impact of their coats in extreme environments. Coupled with with floor-to-ceiling projection at 5183 X 1200 resolution, the room makes visitors feel like they’re standing in the frigid wilderness of northwest Canada.

Digital Kitchen tasked me with creating a narrative showcasing the survival story of one of their ambassadors: Iditarod legend Lance Mackey. We wanted to make something that would make the viewer feel like they were out on the trail with Lance but the size of the screens meant we also needed to be conscious of vertigo- not to mention the numerous technical challenges that come with uncompressed video at that resolution. The result was The Speed of Nature, a short film that I think works well even at smaller scale.

The Cold Room was only a small part of the deliverables set for this project, though. We also created a host of promotional assets meant to drive traffic to the opening, including social posts and an interactive series for Instagram Stories.

Seeing all of the video elements come together with other digital assets (interactive jackets connected to reactive screens, interactive floors and ordering kiosks) and the physical production design really brought home how massive an undertaking this project was. I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of it.